Indicators 4-5. Community College-Going Rate and Overall
College-Going Rate

Graph: AZ-2010-11: Overall college-going rate: 51%, Community college-going rate: 46%; AZ-2011-12: Overall college-going rate: 58%, Community college-going rate: 42%; AZ-2012-13: Overall college-going rate: 58%, Community college-going rate: 39%; Nation-2012-13: Overall college-going rate: 66%, Community college-going rate: 29%

Arizona’s community colleges enroll a much higher percentage of recent high school graduates than the national average.3With only three public, four-year universities in the state, however, Arizona’s overall college-going rate4 lags behind the national number.

Arizona’s community colleges will continue to work with the Arizona Board of Regents to improve the state’s overall college-going rate.

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